Real Estate, Solicitors and Accountants

Is a Trust Account vital for your Business? We can help you to stay compliant.  As part of the audit, we will provide you with feedback to ensure that you are operating your trust account in a manner that is consistent with the relevant legislation.  We will make you aware of any weaknesses in your financial system controls.

We have trust account audit expertise in the areas of

  • Real Estates
  • Solicitors
  • Accountants

We provide trust account audit services to South East Queensland including Brisbane, and Gold Coast and Hinterland areas.

Our staff are friendly and open and come with sense of humour.

We will come to your office to complete the audits.

There are no hidden costs or price creep. We commit to an agreed price before we commence the job. If the scope of the work changes, any difference will be discussed before and an agreement reached. We work to be on time and on price.

We take pride in creating and keeping relationships with our clients by keeping our promises. You will communicate directly with the person completing your work.

Our continuous professional development ensures that we are up to date on the legislative requirements of the various trust account audits.

Contact us today about your trust account audit.

For further information on audit requirements for real estate trust accounts, see the Office of Fair Trading

For further information on audit requirements for accountant’s trust accounts, see the Department of Justice and Attorney-General website.

For further information on audit requirements for solicitor’s trust accounts, see the Queensland Law Society website.