We provide an independent look at the books. The objective of a financial statement audit is to obtain assurance that the financial statements are true and correct and free of material misstatements. The audit will provide the information you need to assure the organisation’s financial systems foundations are solid and to assist with planning for your future goals.

We aim to make the audit process as simple and painless as possible:

  • We will come to you to do the audit
  • We will provide a checklist of the documents required to conduct the audit
  • You will be able to communicate directly with the person completing the audit
  • We will provide a management letter which brings to the executive’s attention any issues that were observed during the audit.
  • We will provide suggestions to improve your financial systems and to lower risk.
  •  We will provide any audit adjustment journals if needed
  • We will meet with the executive to discuss the results of the audit and answer any questions

Our staff are trained professionals. A Senior Auditor will conduct the audit. Throughout the audit you will communicate directly with the staff member completing your work.

We can accept documents electronically or in hard copy. We ensure that we protect and secure any data received.

Our continuous professional development ensures that we are up to date on the legislative requirements.

For a prompt and cost effective audit, contact us for more information and a completive free quote.

Financial Statement Preparation

We are well versed in the Australian Accounting Standards (AAS) and are skilled at preparing financial statements that are compliant. Our continuous professional development ensures we are on top changes in the Accounting Standards.  We will make you aware of any changes to the Australian Accounting Standards and how they may impact on your financial reports.

We have the experience of preparing and completing financial statements for a range of SME’s that vary in size and complexity.  We will produce accurate and compliant reports in the agreed time line and on the agreed budget. Contact us for more information.